Wave Engine

The multiplatform graphics engine designed for the industrial sector

Plain Concepts has launched the Wave Engine multiplatform engine. A graphics engine designed to offer business solutions based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

By having our own business-specific graphics engine, we have greater flexibility and freedom to overcome the limitations of engines designed for the entertainment sector. Therefore we can create unique visual experiences adapted to the needs and functionality of all types of companies.

Wave Engine incorporates a native integration with a great variety of files and functions specific for the industrial sector, including BIM, CATIA, DICOM, STL, live video, 3D mapping, etc. That is why we can fully adapt our developments to all types of projects, platforms and new R&D developments.

From data visualization, to the incorporation of business solutions based on Augmented Reality and the merging of the physical and digital worlds which characterizes Industry 4.0, Wave Engine gives us freedom to create custom developments that offer unique experiences in business environments.

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Augmented reality and virtual solutions


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