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A virtual consultant for Aegon's professional advisors

Aegon is one of the world’s largest and leading providers of life insurance, pensions, and asset management. With over 26,000 employees worldwide, today they operate in over 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and America, providing services to around 30 million customers.

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Being committed to helping their customers achieve a healthy and financially secure future, Aegon requires a sustainable, long-term-oriented business focused on the needs of their customers. Wanting to improve their processes, understand their clients, and offer a more personalized service, the company developed a new product called Canal Asesor.


For Aegon's new product Canal Asesor, we were asked to develop a web application that Aegon financial advisors could use to better understand their customers and recommend personalized products.


Plain Concepts developed a web application through which Aegon consultants can make a personalized assessment adapted to the needs of their customers. The application ingests data about the clients (age, salary, amount of savings, etc.), then calculates a variety of retirement and investment hypothesis (low to high-risk tolerance), and recommends an action plan and products, such as pension plans, that fit the customer’s profile.

In addition, the application was hosted in Azure which reduces costs and allows it to be scalable, so that during specific moments of peak of activity (for example a promotion) it can provide service to all users who are using the application at that time.



The easily interpretable and visually appealing solution has improved customer experience. It reduced the time and accuracy for Aegon consultants to deliver customized commercial offers which help clients optimize their savings and plan for retirement, and it helped Aegon understand the market, readjust, and offer increasingly competitive products based on customer needs.