Aenor incorporates AI in the advanced search for regulations

Aenor, leader in the certification of management systems, products and services, is responsible for the development and dissemination of UNE standards, distributing more than 50,000 of these certifications, including all the standards published by the standardization bodies.

As part of a digitalization process designed to boost both the organisation’s own productivity and the service it provides to its users, Aenor set itself the goal of offering increasingly affordable services and providing a faster response to its customers. This objective included the digitalization of the standards it disseminates and increasing the accessibility of users to the wide knowledge base of standards and certifications.

Word Embeddings, Azure Machine Learning
To this end, Plain Concepts designed an innovative project based on two components in order to implement Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services solutions using the Microsoft Azure platform: an optimized search engine with AI and a Virtual Assistant/Bot.
The development of a Virtual Assistant or Bot equipped with Artificial Intelligence was designed in the first phase to enable employees to solve those doubts that users may have without leaving their production environment. However, the second phase involves visiting the AENOR website and allowing users to locate the information they need more easily than by entering a database with all kinds of documents to be screened.


Historically, information retrieval processes consist of leveraging information system resources relevant to a particular need. And those searches are usually based on indexing text or other content, delivering results that are not always the desired ones. This fact is further exacerbated when the collection of documents searched is extremely large.


Plain Concepts search engine uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to facilitate user searches and results obtained both by matching terms and by semantic searches, expanding its vocabulary based on articles hosted on Wikipedia.


Companies are expected to spend a total of $47 billion on Artificial Intelligence by 2020, so several aspects of our lives will change forever as programs begin to use all the information generated, providing users with fully customized services.
Thanks to AI solutions we can help companies to improve their decision making and make their processes more efficient by applying Machine Learning, Visual Computing and text, and emotional analysis techniques.